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Rhythm guitarist Erik Turner, bassist Jerry Dixon, lead guitarist Joey Allen, drummer Steven Sweet and lead vocalist Robert Mason; better known as Warrant, rocked the Canyon Club in Agoura Hills, Ca., Thursday, February 23rd, to a welcoming crown marking their first live show of the new year.

A little after 9:00pm, the down boys took the stage and opened with Sex Ain’t Love, a song off their newest release, Rockaholic. Other great tunes the band did from the same album were Home and Life’s A Song.

Warrant played a tight rocking set for almost ninety minutes, keeping the crowd going and having a blast on stage. Vocalist Mason fit right in with the band and the music keeping everyone tuned up and dancing as he went into each song. What the crowd really wanted and they got, were songs throughout the band’s career such as Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich, Down Boys, Cherry Pie and Uncle Tom’s Cabin. When they played the anthem ballad, Heaven, they paid the respect due to their fallen friend, Jani Lane and proved they can still rock with the best of them no matter what befalls the them.

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