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London Wilde and Dave Starr of WildeStarr  released Beyond the Rain, on December 8, 2017, the third record in their trilogy and the most personal, telling the story of Wilde’s late brother Gary.  Lyrics and music tell the tales of the highs and lows he went through before the tragedy. Wilde added excerpts from his journals giving the songs a more personal feel as unexplained events in the studio added to the record’s unique narrative.  They recently released a lyric video for the opening title track.  Compared to Halford and Dio among others, Wilde rips and tears over 10 tracks as Starr does the same making all the strings dance and the monstrous speakers tremble with drummer Josh Foster supplying the marching boot stomps.

Metamorphose opens with a triumphant rock fueled intro anthem as Wilde’s powerhouse vocals start the show and the rain with power groove and closing ear piercing wales.

Pressing the Wires saws through solid steel as Wilde’s vocals shred like charging battle cries with traces of ‘80s hard rock, symphonic metal and ‘90s groove with echoes of Drain STH.

The Halford inspired Double Red plasters everything with mood and melody as Down Cold’s breath gets emotional like chilling chords played on dancing glassed ice with whispers of dreams unfulfilled climbing the unclimbable mountain.

The current sweeps you away into drowning depths on Rage and Water with guitars rippling and ruffling the calm.  Chords reach out like swirling eddies trying to pull you under.  

The ballad-like Crimson Fifths screams Lita Ford, drinking the sorrows and pain away in musical time.  From Shadow is a neck and neck, race up and down the fret board with robotic turbo charge.

The trio’s library of material scream loud from Starr’s experienced fingers to Wilde’s lung rattling delivery.  Whether’s it’s stories from Poe, tunes of family healing or just good, high velocity room-shakers, WildeStarr continue to do it themselves and do it well.




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