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The expectations for an opening band most times are low. But when you have GWAR to contend with, you might want to step up your game. was just the band to do it when they opened for GWAR and Warbeast at Wooly’s on April 19, 2013, in Des Moines, Iowa.

IMG_8931_1tag is fairly unknown nationally. This countrywide tour with GWAR and Warbeast is giving them an opportunity of a lifetime to expose their band to a broader audience. The band members are known to say they take their partying very seriously, creating lots of “fuckery,” as they call it.

kicked off their set with frontman Chad Nicefield letting out a ferocious scream before the band started playing their song Viking Pussies Fuck Off. Nicefield has a crazy long beard and looks like he could be a member of one of the bearded brethrens (the groups popping up in support of awesome facial hair). He also has a strange mat of hair mostly on the front and middle of his head. His appearance alone is enough to entertain.

When Wilson started their set there were already rows of people at the front. Screams were heard throughout the crowd when the band members stepped on the stage. The crowd was surprisingly receptive to a band that none of the audience had ever probably even heard of. By the fourth song, there was no stopping the energy, and a mosh pit broke out.


Wilson played several of their singles with interesting song titles like the opening song (Viking Pussies Fuck Off), along with If You Ever Leave Me I Will Find You and I Can Beat Your Dad.

They also threw in a cover of AC/DC’s Back in Black, during which Nicefield was standing on the floor of the photo pit and the audience was singing along. By this time fights were already starting to break out in the mosh pit.

Guitarists Jason Spencer and Kyle Landry, and bassist James Lascu had lots of opportunities to shine. There were lots of breaks in vocals, when they all got to contribute some mean guitar riffs.

At one point the band was holding a container with beer bottles and drumming on them. Nicefield took a beer bottle, and drummed on it while chugging the beer.


Wilson closed the show with the song Snake Eyes, from their 8-track debut EP, Standing on the Reel, released in 2010. Towards the end of the song, Nicefield jumped off the stage, strapped a large drum on the front of him, with the word “fuckery” spelled on it with black duct tape, and began marching in the mosh pit while playing it.

Surely the crowd had no expectations of the kind of show Wilson provided. They left a lasting impression, and gained a few fans that night. Des Moines will kindly welcome them back for more fuckery another time.

Watch the video for Better Off (Strictly Doods)

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