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This band delivers what would be expected from a mainstream American hard rock band.  Big sounding distorted guitars along with gang vocals in places and some subtle-as-a-sledgehammer attitude.  Don’t tell your mom, but you’ll spontaneously bounce around playing air guitar to the first three tracks!  Bring It On, It’s My Life and Over And Out are designed to rock and they accomplish this with fine aplomb.

have been a band perfecting their soundscape for at least seven years now, so naturally their is a self-belief in their performance on Famous Last Words.  What I appreciated the most from this album was the mixture of acoustic guitar in places along with the changes in pace that broke up the listening experience and kept it interesting.

By song number six called, Shadow of Despairation we’re introduced to a slower paced song and at this junction, display their other textures and shades in the form of Tragedy.  A ballad which oozes emotion.  Talking of ballads, you’ll find an acoustic version of a song they call Never followed confusingly by the electric version of the song which is renamed Miss Me Now tucked right on the end.  It’s true what they say, “Never say never.”

There are a total of 13 songs on this album and it felt to my ears and my mind like they were really throwing everything at this.  Whether it will be drowned in the huge selection of hard rocking bands that are currently swimming in this ocean remains to be seen.  All I know is that there are worse albums in this style that lack the conviction and dedication these guys have thrown at their craft.  Maybe place these guys on the “ones to watch” list.

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