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Your Chance To Die - The American DreamDevastating on many levels, is the easiest way to describe Your Chance to Dies new release. With that being said where to begin in describing their latest record The American Dream? The first thing to do is get any stigmas about this band out of your head immediately. Yes they are a female fronted melodic death metal band out of South Carolina that carries a certain amount of Christian or religious sentiments in their lyrics, but its these unique qualities that help mold the band’s style to the brutality that it achieves. With all those elements aside, if you strip the band down to their raw musicianship this album is intense. There are a few key aspects about the band that have helped propel them forward in such a popularly cluttered genre. First is the performance given instrumentally. What the band has been able to accomplish through squealing guitar and devastating drums is create a technically melodic equilibrium that works so well it doesn’t get over powered at any point.

Let’s face it, to have a female lead singer in such a brutal band is a rare sight no matter who you are, and Missi Avila (vocals) doesn’t disappoint. Avila’s style does contain some elements seen in fellow metal screamers Angela Gossow of Arch Enemy, and Simone “Som” Pluijmers formerly of Cerebral Bore. This isn’t to say Avila’s style isn’t her own, nor is it too far out there to say that Avila could even put some male vocalists to shame with her impressive vocal delivery.

Your Chance To Die’s new release is well worth checking out for any fans of the death metal scene, and even though this group may still be a little unknown to the everyday metal fan it wouldn’t be too much to say that given a few more years these guys and gals could easily rank right along fellow Melodic Death Metal groups such as In Flames, At the Gates, and Dark Tranquility.

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