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Those who have been to Ozzfest in recent years are probably familiar with Zakk Sabbath, the Black Sabbath cover band featuring Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Zakk Wylde on lead guitar and vocals, bassist Blasko, who also played with Ozzy as well as  Rob Zombie, and drummer Joey Castillo who has played with Danzig and Queen Of The Stone Age. The trio has been playing shows since 2014 with their take on well-known Black Sabbath material. Who can forget their parking lot performance at Ozzfest in Los Angeles New Year’s Eve 2018? As they played, the entire surrounding neighborhood of the Forum in Inglewood, California for nearly a mile out could hear the sweet sound of Wylde’s leads and his penchant for pinch harmonics. Cover bands are not exactly a new or revolutionary idea, but Zakk Sabbath is an exception to this rule because of Wylde’s close association with the musicians in the band that he is covering. Wylde certainly has more street cred when it comes to playing Black Sabbath than the average bar band.

With the album Vertigo, which was released Friday September 4th on Magnetic Eye Records, Wylde and company offer a celebration of Black Sabbath’s 50th anniversary by covering the band’s entire debut album. It is certainly a Black Label Society sounding take on the classic material including Black Sabbath, The Wizard, Behind the Wall of Sleep, Wicked World and A Bit of Finger – Sleeping Village. Vertigo is based on the original US version of the eponymous album so Wicked World is on it, but not Evil Woman. The closing track A Bit of Finger – Sleeping Village takes a bit of liberty on the guitar solos with Wylde adding his own take on the long solo breaks in the 15-minute song with lots of finger work and a more updated heavy metal sound. While it is not exactly a fresh take on Sabbath, it is certainly fun.

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