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Markus Johansson as the new Lead Guitarist of 4ARM

Due to serious family issues John Paul Glovasa was forced to make the difficult decision to step down from his position as lead guitarist in the band! Quoted saying,  “It was by far one of the hardest decisions i have ever had to make.” though Danny, Mick and Andy wish Johnny and his family all the best! a… Read more »

4ARM Confirmed For Hammerfest V

4ARM have been invited back to the UK for Hammerfest V 2013. The band will be performing on the second stage on Saturday, 16th of March to join a line-up of bands such as Napalm Death, Candlemass and Enslaved with loads more to be announced. The festival as always will run three stages and have over 50 bands performing. Drummer Michael… Read more »

4ARM Announce First Us Tour

4ARM is pleased to announce their first ever tour of the USA as they will be a part of The Zombie Apocalypse Tour this summer. The bands included in the tour are Casket For Cassandra, Prey For Sleep and another Australian band Deprivation, also making the journey across the Pacific Ocean. Short Fuse will also be part… Read more »