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EVERY MOTHER’S NIGHTMARE – ‘Grind’ Album Teaser Features New Music

EVERY MOTHER’S NIGHTMARE album teaser is now available. The album teaser features new music from the upcoming full-length release ‘GRIND’. “It’s straight up Rock and Fuckin Roll” says founder and vocalist Rick Ruhl. Drummer Lonnie Hammer says “Recording ‘GRIND’ seemed effortless and the whole process came very naturally for the band. Sometimes while recording an album… Read more »

EMIGRATE – Silent So Long

Why should you care about this gem of an album and why should you take a moment to understand what Emigrate is?  That’s a really good question in a world which continues to gain a fast pace on a daily basis.  If you’re an avid fan of the remarkable German combo Rammstein then you’ll already… Read more »