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Stone Senate Signs With MRL Music Group

“Stone Senate is one of today’s most adventurous and prolific rock bands. Their music soars to life with the guitar work unmatched in today’s rock arena, the brothers hold down the rhythm, and Clint has an amazing presence as his voice tells you their story.” — Grammy Award-Winning Producer, Toby Wright.   Nashville-based Southern Rock… Read more »

STONE SENATE – Dawn – Album Review

Writers and publicists like to assign categories to bands to give the listener an idea of what to expect. While it’s a habit that’s difficult to resist, doing so serves a purpose in allowing a listener to filter genres that may or not be of interest to them. The hazard is that is sometimes those… Read more »

(listen) Stone Senate Releases “Good to Go”

Stone Senate releases their single, “Good to Go”, from their two-EP release. An easy-listening anthem of unapologetic freedom captures this song perfectly. The band’s usual 80’s modern rock vibe gets perfectly caught up this time in a 70’s like version of Lynyrd Skynyrd, crossed with The Allman Brothers. This is the band’s first single off their second EP, titled Dawn, which… Read more »