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CHROME DIVISION – Infernal Rock Eternal

Welcome to the world of “Doomsday Rock n’ Roll” according to this Scandinavian juggernaut!  This quintet is proud to announce to the globe that they are ready to unleash their fourth studio album, and it packs quite a punch.  Guitars are cranked up loud with a smooth edge to their presence as a vocal delivery… Read more »


You may have browsed a recent issue of Screamer Magazine and stumbled across an article about three young Icelandic individuals who found a sound that they adored.  Their influences ranged from a group of bands and artists that roamed around and performed before they were even a hormonal attraction in their respective parent’s biological make-up! … Read more »

68-75 – Stay On The Ride

Complete with a confident swagger and a grip on their no-holds-barred rock sound, 68-75 have taken the next step in their evolution with Stay On The Ride.  This nine track debut album follows on the footsteps of two extended players that captured a band finding their feet and reveling in their classic rock influences.  The… Read more »

HUMAN FORTRESS – “…You have to be on Warrior Mode!”

Human Fortress was on a roll as they unleashed a sequence of three studio albums from 2001 to 2008.  After their third and more experimental album Eternal Empire, they stalled and eventually the momentum was lost.  The German heavy metal band could have called it quits as the line-up went through some changes, and general… Read more »


Screamer Magazine was founded in Los Angeles, California in 1987 by David F. Castagno, Publisher/Editor.  The publication’s concept was to cover the local L.A. music scene with the respect they deserved.  Giving unsigned bands a professional quality publication in which to be featured was Castagno’s primary goal.   The magazine was met with instant praise and… Read more »

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