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EMIGRATE – Silent So Long

Why should you care about this gem of an album and why should you take a moment to understand what Emigrate is?  That’s a really good question in a world which continues to gain a fast pace on a daily basis.  If you’re an avid fan of the remarkable German combo Rammstein then you’ll already… Read more »

KALEDON – Antillius: The King of the Light

This Italian Power Metal combo were formed back in 1998 and have been slowly and steadily increasing their epic profile ever since.  In 2002 they unveiled their debut album Legend of the Forgotten Reign – Chapter I: The Destruction, and many years later the fans get to embrace and savor a brand new eighth studio opus… Read more »

BLOODBOUND – Stormborn

In the hazy days of 2004 in a location within the mighty fine country of Sweden, two creative and passionate minds became one giving birth to the power metal entity known as Bloodbound.  They released a debut studio opus in 2005 and haven’t really looked back as Tomas Olsson and Fredrik Bergh steered the sonically… Read more »

THE BLACK LANTERN – We Know the Future

Crawling from the panorama of Long Beach, California is a quartet which enjoys battling the mainstream and following a path which is their own.  Screamer Magazine doesn’t just celebrate and investigate established bands, but also enjoys stumbling across new talent and artists who venture into the wild on an independent basis. Cutting through the bravado,… Read more »

BLACK VEIL BRIDES – Wearing Their Crown of Thorns

Just because it is 2014 doesn’t mean that hook-laden and well-crafted infectious hard rock is no longer applicable.  If nothing else, 2014 means that the universe of rock music is more versatile and healthy than it has ever been.  New bands are being formed all the time and take on their respective influences shaping songs… Read more »


If you’ve survived the previous two studio albums called Inflikted (2008) and Blunt Force Trauma (2011) by the Brazilian brothers Cavalera, then maybe you’ve had sufficient bludgeoning of the senses?  If you’re a masochist with a rabid appreciation of the aggressive arts of music composition then perhaps you’re eagerly awaiting Pandemonium with bated breath? Max and… Read more »


Suitably titled as it is indeed the progressive rocking quartet’s 9th studio album, they continue to make in-roads to discovering their epitome.  The opening two tracks inform immediately as to their intent as both The Doomsday Book and Jaded Apostles providing driving rhythms to almost psychedelic vocal melodies and presentations. They’ve never really been the… Read more »

SUPERFECTA – Primal Instinct

It is highly plausible that you may be unfamiliar with this London-based rock band.  They unveiled their debut self-titled extended player to a muted positive critique and since then have been working hard on playing shows and assembling the material for this debut full-length album. For fans of classy emotive rock music which maintains one… Read more »

HELLDORADOS – Lessons In Decay

During the 90s a Finnish rock n’ roll band called Hybrid Children hinted at great potential with their L.A. Guns musical leanings and a slight hint of European accents throughout the vocals.  If you have a spare moment check out an album called Honeymoon in Babylon for proof of such potential.  This case applies to… Read more »

AMARANTHE – Massive Addictive

The Swedish have always had melody up their proverbial sleeves, but it’s in the execution where they pull away from their competitors.  Backyard Babies embrace melody but soak it in a style of sleazy rock with attitude so it’s not overly obvious; H.e.a.t smother their melodies in muscular arena-pleasing rock music and Sabaton champion power… Read more »

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