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HELLDORADOS – Lessons In Decay

During the 90s a Finnish rock n’ roll band called Hybrid Children hinted at great potential with their L.A. Guns musical leanings and a slight hint of European accents throughout the vocals.  If you have a spare moment check out an album called Honeymoon in Babylon for proof of such potential.  This case applies to… Read more »

AMARANTHE – Massive Addictive

The Swedish have always had melody up their proverbial sleeves, but it’s in the execution where they pull away from their competitors.  Backyard Babies embrace melody but soak it in a style of sleazy rock with attitude so it’s not overly obvious; H.e.a.t smother their melodies in muscular arena-pleasing rock music and Sabaton champion power… Read more »

CRAZY LIXX – Crazy Lixx

Readers of Screamer Magazine have great taste in music and that is obvious for all concerned.  The styles of music you read about in one of the best online magazines from this globe you inhabit often possess magical qualities which encompass all manner of sensibilities.  Most of you perhaps fancy your classic styles of rock… Read more »


To a backdrop of Norwegian beauty roamed a little girl known as Liv Kristine Espenæs Krull, and as the years went by she grew up to be a very prolific female front woman who not only tackled vocal duties for Leaves’ Eyes and Theatre of Tragedy, but also ventured into solo singing territories.  These days and… Read more »

ENUFF Z’NUFF – Like a Sumo Wrestler and a Cupcake!

Not many bands deserve the respect that should be laid at the feet of this Illinois-based rock band.  Since 1984, they have worked hard and relentlessly plied their art which is an infectious pop-driven form of accessible and at times quirky style of rock music.  Their self-titled debut album was unveiled in 1989 complete with… Read more »

EVERGREY – Embracing A Sense Of Hope

Back in 1998 a Swedish metal band went to Gothenburg to record their debut studio album The Dark Discovery not realizing that in 2014 they would still be a functioning band and ready to unveil album number nine.  Hymns for the Broken captures a band in touch with their strengths yet moving in to a… Read more »

CROBOT – Something Supernatural

Like someone leaving the window open as a gush of wind enters a busy office and papers are blown all over the place, paperwork flies here and there captured in a moment of brief chaos; this is the imagery that might accompany listening to Crobot and their studio long player called Something Supernatural. This Pottsville-based… Read more »


A brisk and emotive concoction awaits those who venture near this UK-based blues orientated rock n’roll three-piece.  With a line-up which includes Virgil McMahon attacking the guitar and dealing admirably on lead vocals, drummer and backing vocalist Gabriel McMahon plus Jack Alexander Timmis-Lakland providing bass and backing vocals, it is time for you to grip… Read more »

ZODIAC – Sonic Child

Adopting the 70’s work ethic of prolific and rapid releases, the German emotive rocking quartet follow-up last year’s A Hiding Place with their third studio album.  At one time it wouldn’t be too hard to find descriptions of this band being described as bluesy rockers but it’s too dismissive of how versatile they are.  Sonic Child… Read more »

AMULET – The First

The debut album by these London-based metal hoodlums echoes the debut Iron Maiden album with moments of instrumentation which is comparable to prime cuts of Motörhead.  Is this a good thing?  Naturally if you’re rather partial to the resurgence of another NWOBHM (New Wave of British Heavy Metal) which was in prominence relatively briefly in the… Read more »

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