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WORK OF ART – Framework

It has been a long, long road for these Swedish melodic rockers.  Formed back in 1992 and only now preparing to release their third studio album, you’d be somewhat puzzled at the time line.  Imagine if you will a group of talented melodic rockers only managing three albums of material which was poor in quality over… Read more »

AMPLIFIER – Mystoria

Front man and main brain behind the mighty England-based progressive rockers Amplifier would possibly admit that he wasn’t prepared for the pivotal impact ex-Oceansize guitarist Steve Durose and bassist Alex ‘Magnum’ Redhead would have when they joined the line-up.  Since they added their abilities and talent to the music the quartet have certainly been prolific…. Read more »

THE MOJO GURUS – The Last Rock n’ Roll Show

Who would have guessed that after Roxx Gang released their well received debut album Things You’ve Never Done Before back in 1989 that the main brain behind the group Kevin Steele would have evolved and taken a new line-up in to the sound of The Mojo Gurus.  He is a sensitive soul who has been… Read more »

ALESTORM – Heavy Metal Pirates!

Poking fun at the process of genres and sub-genres within the hard rock and heavy metal community, Alestorm adopted a unique stance on the subject by announcing their place in the scheme of things.  Welcome to ‘bacon-powered pirate-core’!  With songs running the constant theme of pirates and the world in which such critters inhabit, there… Read more »

ACE FREHLEY – Space Invader

While the former “Space Ace” of KISS makes soft headlines with his thoughts about the current KISS line-up and how amazed he is with his past contributions, it’s easy to forget about his solo career.  Anomaly back in 2009 was well received and contained some strong material, so expectation could understandably be high for this… Read more »

MR. BIG – …The Stories We Could Tell

Despite their journey reaching bumpy ground from time to time with line-up changes and the musical climate surrounding them being in constant flux, Mr. Big have soldiered on regardless and are ready to unveil their 8th studio album.  In 2011 they released What If… which was greeted with critical acclaim and presented the band with… Read more »


This new E.P. presents some interesting thoughts.  Firstly there are two versions of this E.P. with one containing an extra track which is a cover version of the Aerosmith classic Mama Kin, and the other version containing six tracks which all incorporate the F-bomb.  Is this adolescence gone mad or is it purely attitude-driven hard… Read more »

GODSMACK – 1000hp

After the success of their last album called The Oracle in 2010, expectations are high for the follow-up.  Lead vocalist Sully Ema stated earlier this year how the band had recorded 15 tracks, and from the batch they committed in the studio you get 11 tracks on 1000hp.  Ema is yet again backed up by… Read more »

KOBRA AND THE LOTUS – High Priestess

Formed in 2009 by vocalist and main songwriter Kobra Paige, this Canadian heavy metal act has already shaken foundations with their previous two studio albums.  Can they raise the bar with the new studio album and continue their ascendancy in the rock and metal community?  Judging by the inclusion of producer Johnny K known for his… Read more »

THE MOJO GURUS – Who Asked Ya?

Since they unleashed Hot Damn! in 2004 and embraced their Southern influences and glam stomp, The Mojo Gurus threw off the shackles of their former self when they were known as Roxx Gang.  Some fans were appalled by such a change in musical direction after being absorbed by the immediate late 80’s glam and sleaze… Read more »