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RIVAL SONS – Destination On Course

Who are Rival Sons?  Fair question.  Well…who are they?  This article aims to inform you of just that curiosity and more.  Follow the story of this band and grab yourself an insight into the world of a quartet who are fast rising through the rock music fraternity by being nothing more than who they are…. Read more »

NIGHT BY NIGHT – The Moment Has Arrived

Two aspects leap from the story of this UK-based rock band before you even wrap your ears around the music.  Founding member and guitarist/backing vocalist Ben Christo, who steps up to write most of the material on their stunning debut NxN album is known for his sterling performances with the titans of all things dark… Read more »

FOZZY – Do You Wanna Start a War

In 2012, these Atlanta-based metal warriors touched on their most commercially successful album release in the shape of Sins and Bones.  Naturally therefore, some pressure and expectation surely lurks in the backdrop as they unveil their follow-up. Joining main brain Chris Jericho on vocals is the same line-up consisting of Rich Ward, Paul Di Leo,… Read more »

LULLWATER – Lullwater

In December, 2011, these four passionate and devoted Georgian rockers influenced and inspired by the Seattle scene during the 90’s uprooted and moved to the U.S.  Two songs have already been shared with those paying attention, Blind and Tug of War.  Wishing as hard as they can, the band hope sincerely to connect with those… Read more »

ADAGE – Defined

Describing themselves as modern rock, this edgy quartet have delivered a full frontal attack in the shape of a five track extended player with bite.  Throwing away all formalities, the band when broken down to individuals like to be known on a first name basis.  Welcome aboard Justin on vocals and guitar, drummer Alex along… Read more »


Don’t sweat too much with anxiety over not knowing about these neo-nerds from Ottawa.  They’re a quartet who embrace their nerdy credentials, and luckily for those who may be concerned also know how to knock out some chunky riffs and melody lines.  Joining lead vocalist Ian Nichols is the rhythm section of drummer Kenny Saunders… Read more »

ALESTORM – Sunset on the Golden Age

We are here to drink your beer!”  Direct and subtle-as-a-sledgehammer as these bacon-powered pirate core merchants provide yet more folly and jest within the confines of no-nonsense sea shanties!  These are no ordinary sea shanties me hearties, these are parrot-pumped treasures you’d find in the base of ye olde treasure chests with sunlight sparkling off… Read more »

JUDAS PRIEST – Beginning of the End

When a band have been plying their trade for 40 years wrapped in leather, surrounded by loud guitars and project the shapes of head-banging silhouettes amongst fumes from a Harley-Davidson, you feel somewhat humbled to have witnessed their evolution.  With minor line-up changes taking place over the decades and an attitude of trying new musical… Read more »

AMBERIAN DAWN – Entering the Magic Forest

Finland has gained a lot of interest and respect in the rock music fraternity as more and more talent rises up from the Scandinavian nation.  H.I.M. created quite a buzz with their brand of ‘Love Metal’ whilst Nightwish swept away any scepticism with their influential and well executed symphonic metal.  Keeping these artists in mind,… Read more »

LINKIN PARK – The Hunting Party

The universe of rock music is a versatile beast with many different versions and sub-genres going shoulder-to-shoulder with each other regarding what is purchased and digested by the consumer.  Nu-Metal is just one element of the entire scene which embraces hip-hop influences with loud and proud guitars, hook-laden moments and plenty of attitude.  One of… Read more »

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