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RIVAL SONS – Great Western Valkyrie

If you’ve been fortunate enough to witness the genuine potential exhibited on their Head Down and Pressure & Time albums, then you’ll be hoping Rival Sons trimmed the fat off their last album, and fused it with the compact and neat songs from the Pressure & Time collection to create what the band should be… Read more »


The beating heart of melodic rockers Journey and well-known guitarist Neal Schön has gathered the talents of Journey drummer Deen Castronovo in conjunction with bassist Marco Mendoza, known for his work with Black Star Riders, Ted Nugent and Whitesnake amongst others, and the three forces have produced an interesting album as a result. It would… Read more »

JESSIE WAGNER & ENVY – Army of the Underdog EP

“Diamond in the rough” is an interesting phrase as it implies that there is a shiny jewel amongst some unpleasant or unwelcome surroundings.  The “rough” element could be interpreted as being uglier or distasteful.  However you wish to take this phrase, this reviewer wishes to use it in the context of a band member who… Read more »


The sister of legendary Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham has earned her stripes as she unveils the fourth studio album in her canon of solo work.  If you’re familiar with Fate of Nations by Robert Plant and thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere, the Cajun and folk subtleties, the underlying blues and the overall ability to incorporate some… Read more »

BLOODY HAMMERS – Under Satan’s Sun

If you go travelling around you never know sometimes what you’re likely to find.  For example, crawling amongst the dusty shadows lurk the ominous spectre of Bloody Hammers in Transylvania County, NC.  Now on their third studio album, the sense of their identity is well defined and those of you familiar with Hammer House of… Read more »


After releasing two studio albums already to a modest fanfare, this L.A. based melodic and infectious troupe are here with album number three.  Sharing their brand of big cat love with their ever-growing audience, you receive an album which proudly shows off that title complete with songs that prove the influence of Marc Bolan, Sweet… Read more »

DIE SO FLUID – The Opposites of Light

This three-piece made up of the charismatic Grog on vocals and bass, Mr. Drew on guitars and Al Fletcher beating the skins have already shared their musical exploits via three previous studio albums and several other releases.  There’s no time like the present to play catch-up with their style of hard rock.  Their latest studio… Read more »

ELVENKING – The Pagan Manifesto

This Italian six-piece are ready to unveil their 8th studio album continuing their exploration of folk metal for the masses as their European audiences grow to impressive sizes.  All manner of folk-themed instrumentation dances arm-in-arm with the metal-fused majesty the band are known for which helps The Pagan Manifesto conquer any complacent pitfalls, and keeps… Read more »

Tim Lambesis World Exclusive Interview AS I LAY DYING Singer Breaks Silence; Sentenced to Six Years

Tim Lambesis speaks about his case for the first (and possibly last) time anywhere, in a series of interviews with AP’s West Coast Editor Ryan J. Downey conducted in the final weeks and days leading up to today’s sentencing of six years imprisonment.

CALIFORNIA BREED – The Young and the Restless

You’ve heard of Jason Bonham, son of the Led Zeppelin drummer John ‘Bonzo’ Bonham plus his sterling work with the bands Bonham, Black Country Communion and other collaborations; you’ve heard of Glenn Hughes who was in Deep Purple, Trapeze, Black Country Communion and has an impressive solo catalog too amongst a plethora of other collaborations;… Read more »

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