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THE PECKHAM COWBOYS – “…No Point In Being Obvious”

There is a band that is critically acclaimed and can be found crawling through the debris of London’s back streets, playing smaller or larger clubs with their style of rock music.  The Peckham Cowboys now have two studio albums worthy of investigation for those who have the time and inclination to sample some genuine and… Read more »

BLACK LABEL SOCIETY – Catacombs Of The Black Vatican

There is no dispute that the beating heart and dark soul of Zakk Wylde is the entity at the driving core of Black Label Society.  He produced this 10th studio album; played guitars, piano and strings including his vocal performance as lead singer, plus was involved in the mixing process.  Wylde also wrote all eleven… Read more »

CALIFORNIA BREED – California Breed

Glenn Hughes is quite rightly filled with pride and enthusiasm about this power-house trio that will release their debut album full of groove, hard rock and energy on May 19, 2014.  The opening song tells you what this album has hidden within as The Way rolls along on an urgent riff, and punches the ears of… Read more »

THE PECKHAM COWBOYS – 10 Tales From The Gin Palace

London is an impressive capital city, and lurking beneath the surface of such a multitude of cultural exploits is a resounding collective of talented souls.  An example of that point can be found in this bunch of reprobates who are celebrating the result of their most recent creative collaboration. Album number two possesses the swagger of… Read more »

XANDRIA – Sacrificium

This German symphonic metal act has been plying their trade since releasing their debut album in 2003 called Kill The Sun.  They are no newcomers to their craft, but with this 6th studio opus they confronted the challenging circumstances of bringing in a new face; a new voice; the lead vocalist Dianne van Giersbergen.  This can… Read more »


Since the Rus demo back in 2002, these Russian pagan folk metal enthusiasts have grown from strength to strength.  Their sound on Yav is busy, intricate and full of heart-felt passion.  Completing the album is the truly stunning artwork that graces the cover.  A young female kneels down by some water and watches as the… Read more »

SOCIAL 66 – Social 66

This hard rocking quartet is wishing to build a fan-base from scratch, one brick at a time.  They’re hard working guys who have amassed 12 tracks here they feel do the business and represent them the best.  Maybe splashes of Papa Roach and an abundance of other similar hard rocking acts can be heard swirling… Read more »

HATRIOT – Dawn Of The New Centurion

During a conversation recently on a website called Rockulus Maximus, lead vocalist and main man behind the brutal thrash metal machine called Hatriot, Steve ‘Zetro’ Souza explained, “What happened was I went to see a show that my son Nick was playing back in 2010, just to be the supportive dad and watch the kid… Read more »

L.R.S. – Down to the Core

Some record labels have an ear for combinations of musicians and try to assemble the forces of these talented individuals to collaborate and unite.  One such example of this arrives with the debut album from this three-piece who in conjunction with a silky smooth and complementary production from Alessandro Del Vecchio, have crafted a cohesive… Read more »

DELAIN – The Human Contradiction

These gothic metal merchants from the Netherlands have been the impressive epitome of hard-working over the past few years.  If releasing We Are the Others in 2012 was insufficient, they followed it up in 2013 with Interlude featuring new recordings, cover versions and alternate versions.  Not resting on their laurels, they now unleash a spectacular… Read more »

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