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Gothic metal is really exceeding expectations this year.  As you all recoil on mass to the overtures by Within Temptation, Delain and Elysion amongst many others that have cast their spell and a significant shadow over the world of rock music with their recent releases, it’s time to take a united deep breath as Spain’s… Read more »


This Denver-based hard rocking force-of-nature has captured a tight sound which is both crisp and compressed.  The guitar is streamlined and yet razor-sharp, as the beat is deep in the mix and the vocals and other studio trickery fill in the gaps.  The experience of listening to solid hard rock presented in this way proves… Read more »

BIRTH OF JOY – Prisoner

What would you think if you were rummaging through new albums in your local music shop and you stumbled across some cover artwork depicting a vibrant red/dark orange style background with what could be a giant raven looming over some poor tiny human being?!  Not sure what musical delights lurked within, it’s quite an adventure… Read more »

EXIT STATE – Organized, Chilled Out and Planned

There is a band which are moving and grooving just below the radar in the UK, constantly plying their trade and sharing their style of alternative rock music.  This could apply to a great many functioning music-driven machines today, but these guys are proudly promoting their third studio album Let’s See It All and have… Read more »

KXM – …For all The Right Reasons

KXM – “…it was done out of love and for all the right reasons” If you ever think about who is a workaholic, the name George Lynch doesn’t necessarily spring to mind.  It may be that when you’re wading through your record collection and pass through the “D” section you remember some of the good… Read more »

DARKHAUS – Life Worth Living

Described as “…an Intercontinental Synth-Rock outfit consisting of five men from four representative countries (Scotland, US, Germany, Austria),” this entity has released a debut album that is solid from start to finish.  It goes by the title of My Only Shelter and delivers a hybrid of synth-driven pop sensibilities with a nod to modern contemporary… Read more »

THE SPIN – Just Want To Spread The Love

Scandinavia has a natural ability to produce hook-laden rock music and heavy metal.  Therefore, it isn’t a real surprise that Screamer Magazine has stumbled across another act from that part of the world that is creating a buzz in melodic rock circles.  The Spin started out by announcing their arrival under the guise of Sencelled,… Read more »

VISTA CHINO – Through Disputes, Peace Can Be Found

From the subtle and sombre ashes of Kyuss came a new band called Vista Chino which has turned some heads during the last couple of years.  As former vocalist John Garcia, bass player Nick Oliveri and drummer Brant Bjork initially hoped to pay tribute to Kyuss by playing live and sharing the music with hungry… Read more »

DEEP PURPLE – NOW What?! [Gold Edition]

The progressive nature of Now What’s opening track A Simple Song suggests this album is a return to form.  Interestingly, both of the first two tracks here make references to time.  Perhaps they are aware the sands are running out?  This is the British rock legends 19th studio album since offering up Shades of Deep… Read more »


This debut album from the Chicago-based cruisers is a solid and remarkable surprise.  With top quality production values, Devil in the Lake presents one slice after another of modern hard rock.  If you’re partial to bands like Shinedown, Seether and Alice in Chains, then you’ll find similarities running through this excellent release. Seeing how other… Read more »