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Autobiography Of Miss Mercy, Co-Founder Of Frank Zappa’s GTOS, Set For Release

  ‚ÄúThere were definitely better known personalities than Mercy Fontenot in her time, but she was no less of a thrilling iconoclast for it. Long before unorthodox women like Cosey Fanni Tutti or Courtney Love there was Mercy Fontenot. Her relatively unknown story, told here in her own words, is chock-full of delightful pop culture… Read more »

ZAPPA FAMILY TRUST Teams With Rowdy Sprout For A Few Limited-Edition Zappa Items

The ZAPPA FAMILY TRUST has teamed with Rowdy Sprout children’s clothing line for a few limited-edition Zappa items. The initial product launch, pegged to the holiday season, includes a Frank Zappa Raglan Tee and a Frank Zappa Raglan Onesie. With the iconic Frank Zappa image and logo, both are currently available online at in… Read more »

Summer Of ’82 – When ZAPPA Came to Sicily

In the feature documentary, Summer 82 – When Zappa Came to Sicily, filmmaker and Zappa fan Salvo Cuccia tells the behind-the-scenes story of Frank Zappa’s star-crossed concert in Palermo, Sicily, the wrap-up to a European tour that ended in public disturbances and police intervention. Cuccia had a ticket to the concert but never made it.  Thirty… Read more »


Gail Zappa, nee Adelaide Gail Sloatman, age 70, departed this earth peacefully at her home on Wednesday, October 7, 2015, surrounded by her children. Married to Frank Zappa at age 22, Gail was a doe-eyed, barefooted trailblazer, giving equal value to her domestic and professional responsibilities as matriarch of the family and overseer of all… Read more »