If ever there was a test case proving that hard work, tenacity, a healthy helping of suffering, and word of mouth pay off, Blackguard is it. Formed in 2001 by guitarist Terry Roadcase and drummer Justine "Juice" Éthier as a straight-ahead black-metal outfit, the Montreal-based sextet—who clawed their way into the public eye under the dauntingly ponderous name of Profugus Mortis—has fought a pitched battle to stand out amongst their international metal brethren, having braved numerous line-up changes and much needed sonic tweaking to get to where they were in 2008.

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Live Photos of Blackguard at The Trocadero Theatre

Live Photos of Blackguard at The Trocadero Theatre in Philadelphia, Pa 3/13/2013

Live Photos of Blackguard at Trocadero Theatre in Philadelphia on October 25, 2012

Live Photos of Blackguard at Trocadero Theatre in Philadelphia, PA on October 25, 2012