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(video) SLASH adds searing guitars to THE DANDY WARHOLS’ new single… New album ROCKMAKER out March 15

“The first time we heard it back in our studio we just stared at each other with our mouths open,” says Courney Taylor-Taylor of THE DANDY WARHOLS about the wah-wah superpower added by legendary guitarist Slash to the new single and A.I.-produced video “I’d Like To Help You With Your Problem.” “What he played on… Read more »

Indie Rock Band LOVELY WORLD To Release New Single “You Know Darlin'”

On March 12, South Carolina’s Lovely World will proudly unveil their new single “You Know Darlin’” via Dark Spark Music (owned and operated by veteran rock manager Vicky Hamilton) / Brookstone Party Music. The song is available for pre-order here. Formed in 2015, Lovely World (Landon Rojas, Cade Rojas, Cameron Smith and Michael Gilbert, who… Read more »