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Indie Rock Band LOVELY WORLD To Release New Single “You Know Darlin'”

On March 12, South Carolina’s Lovely World will proudly unveil their new single “You Know Darlin’” via Dark Spark Music (owned and operated by veteran rock manager Vicky Hamilton) / Brookstone Party Music. The song is available for pre-order here. Formed in 2015, Lovely World (Landon Rojas, Cade Rojas, Cameron Smith and Michael Gilbert, who… Read more »

Emerging Rock Band Lovely World Releases  New Track ‘Compromise’ (Listen)

“I’ve worked with a lot of great rock bands and consider Lovely World to be one of my best”  –  Vicky Hamilton (Former Guns N’ Roses Manager) South Carolina rockers ​Lovely World ​are set to release their new single ‘​Compromise​’ to international audiences  on ​Tuesday 21st April​. Known for their original retro-rock sound and unrivaled… Read more »

Lovely World’s “Edge of Time” Music Video (watch)

Hailing from South Carolina, the Landon Rojas-fronted rock band, Lovely World, just released their official music video for their new single “Edge of Time.” The man behind the camera, Ridge Beck, is a one-man film production team. Growing up in the small town of Spartanburg alongside Landon, Cameron, Cade; Ridge has mastered the art of… Read more »

LOVELY WORLD – Vicky Hamilton’s New Discovery

Vicky Hamilton knows talent when she sees it. She ought to, since she launched the careers of Guns N’ Roses, Mötley Crüe, and Poison. She also did A&R for Geffen Records during their heyday, helped June Carter Cash produce an album, and she even represented famous painters such as Ron English among many other things…. Read more »