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WILDESTARR – Beyond the Rain

London Wilde and Dave Starr of WildeStarr  released Beyond the Rain, on December 8, 2017, the third record in their trilogy and the most personal, telling the story of Wilde’s late brother Gary.  Lyrics and music tell the tales of the highs and lows he went through before the tragedy. Wilde added excerpts from his journals… Read more »

WILDESTARR – Honor Fallen Family on Beyond the Rain

Hailing from Houston by way of Alameda, California husband and wife team Dave Starr and London Wilde have taken their band WildeStarr through three albums with their latest, Beyond The Rain coming  out on December 8th.  Both have extensive background experience with Starr’s former band Vicious Rumors and Wilde’s self-taught vocals and studio experience.  Their music… Read more »