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SALIVA’s Bobby Amaru – A Sober Look At Life and Death

Tennessee-based rock band Saliva, released their new album titled Revelation on September 8th. Not only is this their first album since the pandemic it is also a nostalgic and heartfelt goodbye to their late guitarist Wayne Swinny who passed away in March after suffering a brain hemorrhage. This new album embodies a much heavier sound… Read more »

‘Live From Las Vegas’ Presents: SALIVA – Livestream Concert Performing Their Upcoming EP ‘Every Twenty Years’

‘Live From Las Vegas’ is proud to present SALIVA. Twenty years ago, the band released their breakout sophomore studio album ‘Every Six Seconds’, which went on to reach platinum-selling success and produced three charting singles. In celebration of the record, the band has announced that they have re-recorded the album with current frontman Bobby Amaru…. Read more »