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PATRICK DOVAL – Deconstructing The Soulless Machine

Sometimes the most profound statements come from what may seem like the least likely of sources.  For the last two and a half years, there have been many a statement ejaculated via the air waves, in print, and most significantly, through social media.  March of 2020 appeared to have ushered in the era of living… Read more »

(video) The Offspring Drummer Pete Parada Lands Shocking Collab With Patrick Doval On New Track

Socially-conscious rocker Patrick Doval teams up with Pete Parada (The Offspring) to turn the camera back on Big Brother with his new single Soulless Machine – released 24/06/22.  Driving riffs. Uncompromising drums. Emotive vocals. These elements mix the best of prog, punk, and roll & roll-on Soulless Machine which, despite its namesake, champions a human… Read more »