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THE NEW BARDOTS – Just Another Dance

Social media polarization, fake news, causes celebre, political distraction, Russian disinformation, pandemics, Hollywood award show scandals, leaked Supreme Court rulings, incriminating laptops, inflation, Ukrainian war and election integrity, just a sample listing of the zeitgeist that is the 2020’s.  As not only Americans, but as citizens of the world, there is something we all have… Read more »

(video) NJ Supergroup The NEW Bardots Return with a Blistering Stones-Style Rocker “Just Another Dance In The City”

NJ supergroup The NEW Bardots return with a blistering Stones-style rocker “Just Another Dance In The City”. Produced in-house by bandmates Gar Francis, Dan Skye, and Wayne Olivieri, this gnarling zeitgeist track is straight-up rock n roll at its fist-pumping finest. Line-up: Guitar: Gar Francis Bass: Dan Skye Keyboard: John Croot Jr. Drums: Johnny (JR)… Read more »