DJ Starscream

DJ Starscream

Born Sidney George Wilson, DJ Starscream traces his love of music and the DJ trade all the way back to his first heartbeats. His vast knowledge and appreciation of all music is attributed to his family, his own curiosity of the technical aspects of his first love, and how various parts of different music and songs could blend together. DJ Starscream listens to and experiments with all varieties of music ranging from classical to metal.

Articles with DJ Starscream

DJ Starscream Joins Zombie/Manson Twins of Evil Tour

DJ Starscream of the Grammy Award-winning Slipknot, will provide support on most of the “Twins of Evil” tour dates, co-headlining Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie.  DJ Starscream fills the slot left open by KoRn’s Jonathan “J Devil” Davis who had to bow out of the tour on doctors’ orders due to extreme exhaustion. The “Twins of Evil… Read more »

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