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CHERIE CURRIE – Dreams Really Do Come True on the Blvds of Splendor

She has been described as “the lost daughter of Iggy Pop and Bridgitte Bardot,” a queen of noise and a woman of grande reinvention.  She’s an artist who is respected for laying the foundation for countless women in the music industry by becoming the frontwoman in the very first all-girl rock group with platinum album… Read more »

CHERIE CURRIE – Blvds Of Splendor

When iconic artists release new albums, the word “comeback” often finds its home in the headlines of media outlets.  But the album Blvds of Splendor is rock-solid proof that 70’s icon and former Runaways frontwoman, Cherie Currie, never went anywhere.  The album was released via Blackheart Records on April 28, 2020, and is locked and… Read more »

LITA FORD – LIVE at The Whisky 01/09/14

There are concerts, and then there are concerts. The concerts are the ones you talk about for years, when you witness something special that in all likelihood will never be duplicated. Lita Ford’s concert at the Whisky in Hollywood was one of those rare events. The Whisky is holding a series of concerts in commemoration… Read more »

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