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Nikki Stringfield Releases her First Full-Length Solo Album “Apocrypha”

After gaining notoriety internationally touring with renowned tribute band  The Iron Maidens and original newcomers  Heaven Below, female rocker from Dallas, Texas Nikki Stringfield is set to release her first full-length album featuring her solo work. Described best by Nikki herself, “Apocrypha” is “hard rock with touches of metal” featuring varied harmonies, catchy hooks and… Read more »

NIKKI STRINGFIELD – The Maiden of Haunted Harmonies

Nikki Stringfield has lived the young musician’s dream of moving to L.A., finding a group of like-minded musicians and playing the music of a band she grew up on.  That band just happens to be Iron Maiden and she’s been able to play their music in tribute around the globe.  Stringfield plays the role of Dave… Read more »

NIKKI STRINGFIELD – Harmonies for the Haunted

From humble Texas beginnings making YouTube videos of guitar play techniques, Nikki Stringfield has built her own audience, eventually leading to major industry attention.  Holding a degree in Radio/TV/Film from the University of Texas she joined metal band Before The Mourning upon her West Coast arrival. Stringfield then took a huge step forward auditioning for the… Read more »