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DORO PESCH Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

Germany’s most successful rock singer has just been honoured with a Lifetime Achievement Award – Germany’s most important music accolade.  The Pop Culture Prize was awarded in Berlin’s “Admiralspalast” on October 4th in front of musicians, a specialist audience, and media representatives.  The joy was palpable, and Doro accepted the award to thunderous applause from… Read more »

LIV KRISTINE – …Burns Like Hell

Watching Norwegian lung-buster and elegant gothic-loving creative force Liv Kristine progress and evolve throughout her career is like observing the very slow opening of a beautiful dark flower; as the petals spring to life capturing its unique shape and form and wearing the many textures such an example of nature can truly behold.  Back in… Read more »


To a backdrop of Norwegian beauty roamed a little girl known as Liv Kristine Espenæs Krull, and as the years went by she grew up to be a very prolific female front woman who not only tackled vocal duties for Leaves’ Eyes and Theatre of Tragedy, but also ventured into solo singing territories.  These days and… Read more »