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Breaking New Music & Radio Rules

Longing for the days when your local rock radio station was your one stop shop for your favorite tunes as well as your portal to new music and bands?  Perhaps you are too young to remember those days.  If you are a member of the latter group, let’s start with a little backstory.  During the… Read more »

Rebel Hotel to Play Hometown; Tiki Bar, May 31st in Costa Mesa, CA

Rebel Hotel announce a new show for fans in the O.C., May 31st at the Tiki Bar, in Costa Mesa, CA.  Originating in Orange County CA in 2010, they recorded 2 EP’s called, Rebel Hotel & EP 2.  In 2013 the band moved to Hollywood and recorded another EP of 5 songs.. “Visualize Believe Conceive”… Read more »