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THE RIFT – Inventions

Inventions, the debut album from The Rift is good. Really good. So damn good that I’d buy it myself if we didn’t get advance copies free by virtue of being music journalists. (How’s that for a ringing endorsement?) The press kit for the band describes their sounds as fusing “alternative heavy rock, with elements of… Read more »

THE RIFT – Many Influences, One Unique Sound

The Rift is an apt name for a Los Angeles-based band for several reasons. First, L.A. was the birthplace of Screamer back in 1987. Second, Los Angeles is a hot zone of earthquake activity. Last—and most important—the band’s sound hits as hard as a six-point Richter scale shaker. The Rift is Aris Anagnos (vocals/guitar), John… Read more »