John Corabi

John Corabi

John Corabi (born on April 26, 1959 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) is a heavy metal singer and guitarist who has worked with such bands as Angora, The Scream, Mötley Crüe, Union and ESP (both with former KISS lead guitarist Bruce Kulick), Ratt (as a lead guitarist), Twenty 4 Seven (with his Ratt bandmate Bobby Blotzer), Zen Lunatic, Brides Of Destruction, and Angel City Outlaws (with his Ratt bandmates Robbie Crane and Bobby Blotzer, and former Ratt guitarist Keri Kelli).

Articles with John Corabi

John Corabi: Life Is As It Should Be

The words “life is as it should be”, are tattooed across John Corabi’s neck, but written in Italian; so for those who don’t speak the language, only he knows what it says. He looks at it every day in the mirror when he brushes his teeth as a reminder to keep forging ahead.  This motto has… Read more »

John Corabi at Krazee Kafe, Des Moines, IA on 7/20/2012

John Corabi at Krazee Kafe, Des Moines, IA on 7/20/2012 Click here to read the Review!

John Corabi LIVE at Krazee Kafe, Des Moines, IA

The name suits Krazee Kafe. Located on the outskirts of Des Moines, Iowa, next to a strip club, the bar advertises itself as a bar and grill, cereal bar, tanning/hair salon and music venue. Two Weimaraner dogs roam freely throughout the bar during open hours. But this crazy place seems to be a second home… Read more »

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