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THE GUESSING GAME – Destroying It All

Multi-talented musician Jeff Rouse can clearly feel comfortable with any group of musicians, as is evident by looking at his extensive resume. He has played with Alien Crime Syndicate, Vendetta Red, Sirens Sister, Fozzy and of course Duff McKagan’s Loaded. And that’s just scratching the surface. But since the summer of 2013, when The Guessing… Read more »


The Guessing Game, a group of Seattle’s best musicians including Jeff Rouse of Duff McKagan’s Loaded, has just released their sophomore album, Destroy It All, a follow-up to their debut album Holy Crow. The Guessing Game is certainly hard to put in a “genre box.” They are definitely rock, but beyond that…. it’s hard to… Read more »

Wide Open: JEFF ROUSE of The Guessing Game

Life for a professional musician can be unpredictable, and Jeff Rouse knows this well from his years playing in bands such as Duff McKagan’s Loaded, Allen Crime Syndicate, and his solo project, To the Glorious Lonely. While on a break from Loaded, Rouse has been focused on a band he recently formed called The Guessing… Read more »