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ENUFF Z’NUFF’s Chip Z’Nuff – on Brainwashed Generation

Facebook and Twitter are bustling with opinions, theories and propaganda.  From the handling of the coronavirus to protests and looting to the upcoming Presidential election, you can find about as many opinions as you can people espousing on these and numerous other topics.  Instagram, Tik-Tok and Snapchat are populated with pictures of lunch, silly videos… Read more »

Enuff Z’nuff New Album Brainwashed Generation Out 7/10/20

Enuff Z’nuff are set to release their new album “Brainwashed Generation,” on July 10th.   Enuff Z’nuff are the living, breathing example of what a rock ‘n roll group should be. Now centered around bass player and vocalist Chip Z’nuff, Enuff Z’nuff are still delivering the band’s patented power pop melded with hard rock stylings…. Read more »