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What Keith Richards Of The Rolling Stones Said To Rob Carlyle Of The Compulsions

Arguably the most critically hailed underground rock ‘n’ roller of them all, guitarist and vocalist Rob Carlyle of The Compulsions, recently spoke with On The Rocks With Jim Long. The discussion included a track-by-track breakdown of Ferocious, the newest release by The Compulsions which received an extremely rare “10/10” from Powerplay Magazine and “9/10” from… Read more »

ROLLING STONES, GUNS N’ ROSES Covers Discussed With COMPULSIONS Main Man, Rob Carlyle

While talking about the importance of staying unpredictable as an artist, Rob Carlyle, front man for The Compulsions, was recently asked by Podcast Chit Chat about the band’s drastic reworkings of “Dead Flowers” by The Rolling Stones and “Dust N’ Bones” by Guns N’ Roses on the New York group’s newest full-length, Ferocious. Below is an excerpt of Rob‘s chat with host, Bob Huhn. Huhn: “And another way that you show… Read more »

Porn Superstar Aiden Starr Interviews Rob Carlyle

Check out Rob’s live interview next week on Diary Of A Dominatrix with host and fetish superstar, Aiden Starr! Tune in to SiriusXM this Thursday, July 8 at 1 pm (PDT) at the link below! Call (855) 998-4843 to ask a question or make a comment live on the air! Don’t miss the raunch ‘n’ roll! LISTEN AT SIRIUSXM… Read more »


The Compulsions’ main man and underground rock ‘n’ roll hero, Rob Carlyle, recently sat down for his second interview on The Chuck Shute Podcast. The purpose of the conversation was to catch up with Rob now that The Compulsions‘ newly released third album, Ferocious, has left reviewers with their jaws on the floor and their minds blown. Recent Ferocious reviews include a “9 Out Of… Read more »

“IZZY STRADLIN Would Be Amazing With You” COMPULSIONS Frontman, ROB CARLYLE, Responds

In a brand-new interview with Laurent Lépine of Kool Radio, Rob Carlyle, founder and frontman of The Compulsions, was asked “If you could choose the best lineup for The Compulsions, what would it be?” Although The Compulsions have featured several players from the ranks of Guns N’ Roses and New York Dolls, as well as Alec Morton (Monster Magnet, Raging Slab), Earl Slick (David Bowie, John Lennon), and… Read more »


During a recent appearance on The Bay Ragni Show, THE COMPULSIONS‘ founder and front man, Rob Carlyle, talked about THE NEW YORK DOLLS‘ recent nomination to The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame. Past COMPULSIONS albums, Beat The Devil (2011) and Dirty Fun (2015), featured former Dolls bassist, Sami Yaffa; and newly released COMPULSIONS album, Ferocious (2020), features former Dolls drummer, Brian Delaney. You can now watch the chat below. Asked for an opinion on the… Read more »

UK Loves NY’s The Compulsions’ “Ferocious”

The new Compulsions album, Ferocious, rates an astounding 9 out of 10 according to widely regarded UK music magazine, Vive Le Rock! Read Mark McStea’s full review of Ferocious, “The Perfect Blend Of Rhythm N’ Groove” and “Low-Slung Rock N’ Roll With Attitude” in Issue #78 of Vive Le Rock! Grab it at newsstands now!… Read more »

THE COMPULSIONS – You Can’t Keep A Good Band Down

Picture a frontman on stage in a dark club. The air is hot and steamy due to the perpetually malfunctioning air conditioning, and the club smells vaguely of stale beer. The guy is wearing worn jeans, black T-shirt and headband, and he’s playing a beat-to-shit old Fender Telecaster with a lit cigarette jammed in the… Read more »

THE COMPULSIONS – Ferocious – album review

There are certain genres of music that are associated with geographic regions. Speak of “Southern Rock” or “The British Invasion” or “The Seattle Sound” and instantly certain bands and songs come to mind. If someone mentioned the phrase “New York City Rock ’n’ Roll” what would you think? “Dark, gritty, raw, honest,” might be apt… Read more »


Last year, Screamer reviewed the album Dirty Fun by the Complusions, a New York-based band fronted by vocalist/guitarist Rob Carlyle and featuring an all-star lineup: Guitarist Richard Fortus and drummer Frank Ferrer of Guns N’ Roses, and bassist Sami Yaffa, who played in Hanoi Rocks. The album got rave reviews across the board for the… Read more »