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THE COMPULSIONS: Unveil Trailer For New Album ‘Dirty Fun’ Out Now; Performance And Interview Set To Air On “Nights With Alice Cooper” Thurs. June 11

  With their new album DIRTY FUN, THE COMPULSIONS have delivered one of most exciting new releases of 2015.  Refreshingly infectious, DIRTY FUN–out now onCompulsions Records–features the talents of vocalist and rhythm guitarist ROB CARLYLE, lead guitarist RICHARD FORTUS (Guns N’ Roses), drummer FRANK FERRER (Guns N’ Roses) and bassist SAMI YAFFA (Hanoi Rocks, New York Dolls). The critically acclaimed New York City-based group unveiled a new long-form trailer for DIRTY FUN, today (6/1),… Read more »

THE COMPULSIONS – Coolest Band In The World?

Cool. It’s a factor that is greatly desired, but at the same time very hard to attain. Cool can’t be manufactured or bought–something is either cool or it isn’t. Retread bands with one original member playing the summer county fair circuit are not cool. Anything labeled “the hottest new trend” is probably not cool. And… Read more »


There is something completely refreshing and honest about a band that is unconcerned with being hip; a band that doesn’t dress in the latest styles or have trendy haircuts. A band that lets the music speak for everything. The Compulsions are all of the above. You know what we’re talkin’ about? These guys just rock…. Read more »

THE COMPULSIONS – Live at The Viper Room – 4/16/15

When Gene Simmons made his now-infamous pronouncement “rock is finally dead,” his was roundly pilloried, but that little sound bite was taken out of context. Simmons was referring to how difficult it is for musicians to make a living since the advent of digital file sharing. Rob Carlyle, lead vocalist/rhythm guitarist for The Compulsions joked… Read more »

The Compulsions Bring Their Live Show To New York and Los Angeles This Week – Tonight… (video)

THE COMPULSIONS rhythm guitarist ROB CARLYLE, lead guitarist RICHARD FORTUS (Guns N’ Roses), drummer FRANK “THUNDERCHUCKER” FERRER (Guns N’ Roses) and bassist SAMI YAFFA (Hanoi Rocks, New York Dolls).   WHO:         The New York City quartet THE COMPULSIONS will bring their unpretentious, down-and-dirty rock ‘n’ roll to New York and Los Angeles… Read more »

THE COMPULSIONS: Announce New York (April 14) and Los Angeles (April 16) Shows; New Album ‘DIRTY FUN’ Out April 14

The critically acclaimed independent outfit THE COMPULSIONS have announced U.S. performances on Tuesday, April 14 in New York City at the Mercury Lounge and in Los Angeles on Thursday, April 16 at The Viper Room. The new album DIRTY FUN–out April 14 on Compulsions Records — features the talents of vocalist and rhythm guitarist ROB CARLYLE, lead guitarist RICHARD FORTUS (Guns N’ Roses), drummerFRANK “THUNDERCHUCKER” FERRER (Guns N’ Roses) and bassist SAMI YAFFA  (Hanoi Rocks, New York Dolls)…. Read more »