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(video) Los Angeles Rockers Hello Stranger EP True Belief Out Now

On the heels of 2021’s Social Dissonance, this year brings the 3 song True Belief EP from Los Angeles band Hello Stranger. Born out of the pandemic, “we had these incredibly topical, salient songs we had been working on for months, but it was difficult to get into studios or collaborate with producers,” recalls Sam. “As many other artists did… Read more »

(listen) L.A. Band Hello Stranger Premiere “Stellar” (-V13) Single “True Belief” Today

Los Angeles band Hello Stranger’s “stellar” title track, “True Belief” from their forthcoming EP, is about the commodification of rebellion. It premieres today on V13: “ripping, shredding guitars with ’90s-inspired riffs…with a kind of no-nonsense approach to songwriting… [“True Belief”] ponders how we use important historical figures and movements.” “I was inspired after seeing Che Guevara shirts… Read more »