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Mark “WEISSGUY” Weiss – Shooting The Decade That Rocked

Gene Simmons of KISS said it best: “Mark is the real deal. He may not play the guitar, but that camera is his guitar. He’s a rockstar.”  In an era where rockstars were hailed as gods, Mark Weiss carried the all-access pass.  Known by some of the greatest artists as more than just a photographer, Weiss… Read more »

Mark Weiss / David Banegas – Two Mediums / One Vision

What happens when you have two visionary modern artistes merging their talents? Well, when you are talking about rock photographer Mark Weiss and painter/artiste David Banegas, you wind up with a breath-taking, larger-than-life image of Mark’s images morphing into David’s art. Four portrait paintings will be featured at a new music-themed Orlando restaurant, Rock &… Read more »