Lorraine Lewis

Lorraine Lewis

Lorraine Lewis got her first claim to fame as the singer for late-80`s band Femme Fatale. Since then, she made an attempt to reform the band in 2000. An album was recorded but never saw a release. She has since done a side project under the band name Snowball, as well as released a self-titled solo album in 2002, which was a country outing for her. She is currently working on material with a new band named Roktopuss. The band includes former Vixen drummer Roxy Petrucci.

Articles with Lorraine Lewis

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When the question is;  Who is Superman?  The answer is obviously Clark Kent. So, when the question is;  Who is Superwoman?  The answer must be Lorraine Lewis. OK, so our Femme Fatale front woman cannot fly, but she looks good in underwear, under or over her clothes and her hair is a lot nicer than… Read more »