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GO BETTY GO – ¿Entiendes el Rock & Roll?

A band is obviously doing something right when a gringo journalist who understands about four words in a song sung entirely in Spanish still manages to find the song irresistible. That band would be Go Betty Go, and since everyone loves to put descriptors on bands, how about this: Go Betty Go is a Southern California-based, all-girl,… Read more »

GO BETTY GO – Reboot

Go Betty Go is a four-piece, all girl punk rock band from Southern California that was formed in 2000. They have released an EP with the appropriate title Reboot. It’s appropriate, as the original lineup of band fell apart in 2005, and recently reformed in 2012. The album blasts off with By Your Side, a… Read more »

Go Betty Go Reboot out on January 27 / Hear it here!!

Go Betty Go is back with “Reboot”, first release in nearly 10 years! The idea of recording new music came together after the band reunited for a one-time show. Inspiration and sparks flew with the regrouping and thru Pledge Music and help from fans and friends, “Reboot” was born! An eclectic sound of punk rock… Read more »