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Photos – JOHN 5 and The Creatures – Live! in L.A. w/The Aristocrats

Photos – JOHN 5 and The Creatures – Live! in L.A. w/The Aristocrats and Travis Larson Band

JOHN 5 AND THE CREATURES – Invasion – album review

Most know him as ex-guitarist for Marilyn Manson or the current guitarist for Rob Zombie, but for those who have witnessed the extraordinary talent of guitarist John 5 know he is playing on an entirely different level than other guitarists from this decade. John 5’s current offering with his band the Creatures (Ian Ross ā€“… Read more »

JOHN 5 – Talks Touring, Twins & Creatures

The name John 5 has become synonymous with some of the greatest guitarists not only of our generation but arguably of all time. John Lowery, whose stage name later became John 5 thanks to a lunch meeting with Marilyn Manson came to Los Angeles at the age of 18 from Gross Pointe, MI with very… Read more »

JOHN 5 AND THE CREATURES Release “Zoinks!” Music Video Teaser

As previously announced, JOHN 5 and The Creatures – comprised of world-renowned guitarist JOHN 5, bassist Ian Ross and drummer Logan Miles Nix – will release a brand new full-length studio album in 2019! JOHN 5 also recently announced that the album, entitled Invasion, will be teased on New Year’s Day 2019 by way of… Read more »

JOHN 5 And The CREATURES – Live At Discovery In Ventura

What would the ultimate rock nā€™ bowl experience be like? Anyone who was in attendance at Discovery in Ventura, California on April 11th were graced with a live show with John 5 and The Creatures plus a few surprise guests like Sebastian Bach ex-frontman from Skid Row and Stephen Pearcy from RATT. In support of… Read more »

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