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ONSLAUGHT’S Sy Keeler To Sit Out Us/Canada/South America Tour – Ex Anthrax Legend Neil Turbin Steps Into The Breech..!

Onslaught vocalist Sy Keeler will sit out the bands upcoming ‘THRASH INVSION TOUR’ of the US / Canada / South America, featuring ‘ONSLAUGHT / ARTILLERY / VX36 due to health issues with his son. Sy Keeler comments: I know you are going to be disappointed with my decision as am I, but I sincerely hope… Read more »

ONSLAUGHT – Let There Be Riffs!

If you love your thrash metal, then you’re probably still recovering from the wonderful and colossal Dark Roots of Earth album by Testament, or you’re still sunbathing in the ferocious progressive glow of the riffaholic Death Magnetic by Metallica.  But thrash metal isn’t just about the ‘Bay Area’; other countries have their fair share of talent to… Read more »


The sixth studio album by this down to earth, UK-based thrash five-piece continues where Sounds of Violence left off.  The song-writing duo of Nige Rockett bouncing ideas off Andy Rosser-Davies has gained more momentum as their familiarity has evolved since that last album.  Their delivery is precise and technically proficient as they bound through Chaos is King and… Read more »

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