Origins: Vol. 1. Paul Stanley

Articles with Origins: Vol. 1. Paul Stanley

THE DECOYS – Canadian Indie Road Warriors

People think being on the road with a rock band is glamorous, but that’s because most people’s images come from documentaries about huge arena rock bands. Private jets, lavish tour buses, wild backstage parties. Reality is, when you’re a young, fairly unknown band on a self-supported tour, there’s not a lot of glamour to it…. Read more »

THE DECOYS – In Our Blood

The Decoys are a three-piece band from the exotic-sounding  city (at least to American ears) of Kamloops in British Columbia, Canada. Vocalist/guitarist Matt Stanley said of their new album In Our Blood “We incorporated elements of punk, grunge, folk and country rock,” and that description is pretty spot-on. The opening track Don’t Hesitate is full-on… Read more »