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BLOODY HAMMERS – From the Cold Dark Mountains of Transylvania, North Carolina

Anders Manga, best known for his solo darkwave/gothic dance music, formed the gothic doom band Blood Hammers in 2012. Now releasing their fourth¬†album entitled A Lovely Sort of Death, their second album with Napalm Records, Bloody Hammers has clearly become more than just a side project for Manga. When he first created Bloody Hammers, Manga… Read more »

BLOODY HAMMERS – A Lovely Sort of Death

Formed in 2012, the gothic doom band Bloody Hammers are surprisingly not from Europe, as many bands that adhere to a similar style are these days. However, they still have managed to hail from Transylvania County, North Carolina, which is in fact a real place. The band is the brainchild of Anders Manga, best known… Read more »