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Mushroomhead Enter Billboard Top 200 at # 20 — Band Trashes Billboard Rock

  Mushroomhead’s new album The Righteous & The Butterfly sold 10,715 its first week and was the band’s highest Billboard Top 200 album entry at #20. Additionally, the band debuted at # 1 on Billboard’s Hard Rock Chart. But, when the band entered at # 5 on Billboard’s Rock Chart, the band was flat out… Read more »

MUSHROOMHEAD – The Righteous & The Butterfly

Few bands last ten years in the metal business, even fewer last 15, so when you look at Mushroomhead’s 20 plus year history it just screams experience, and on their new release The Righteous & The Butterfly, their first release since vocalist JMann rejoined the group, it screams that experience right back in your face. Mushroomhead… Read more »

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