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LIKE A STORM – Rather Be Freaks Than Fakes

There is nothing weak or ambiguous about the phrase “awaken the fire.” It is not only an apt title for Like A Storm’s new album, but also a descriptor for the band itself: Music that has exploded on the hard rock scene with songs on the charts, currently on a nationwide tour of the U.S…. Read more »

LIKE A STORM – Live in Las Vegas 2-6-15

It doesn’t get much tougher than this (well, it probably does, but go with that thought for a moment). You’re the opening band on a national tour, supporting Devour The Day and Hellyeah. As is custom for openers, you are allotted a mere thirty minutes to make your best impression on what is largely someone… Read more »

LIKE A STORM – Awaken The Fire

Releasing an album that attempts to show many different sides of a band’s musical style can be hazardous to their health. Unless done carefully, it can come off as disjointed and unfocused—trying to hit too many targets—which can result in alienating their fan base. Awaken The Fire, the second release by Like A Storm not… Read more »