Hailing from a small town in northern Indiana, Jeff Rains understands the meaning of hard work, struggles, and life’s challenges. The talented artist is driven, serious, and committed to his beautiful young family and his career. Featuring Andy Ryan on drums, Matt Hopkins on bass, and Jason Anderson on guitar, Rains commands the stage with a powerful sound and raw emotion that draws the audience in from the first phrase. Rains is a band for the people, and it’s about time. People need a band to get behind and a band to believe in; they need a band that can make them proud.

Articles with Rains

Rains Independent Storytellers

Rains is a talented rock band formed in a small town in Indiana twelve years ago.  Vocalist Jeff Rains has faced many challenges along the way, but has persevered through his talent and hard work.  The hard work has certainly paid off as their debut album, Stories, is receiving rave reviews.  Their hit song, Look In My… Read more »

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