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(video) KRAMER Announces New Original, Modern and Artist Collections for 2021

KRAMER, the original MADE TO ROCK HARD guitar brand has been setting trends with a legacy of premium, performance-focused instruments since it was first launched in 1976. Made for rule-breakers that play fast and loud, KRAMER has been embraced by legendary rockers and shredders like Eddie Van Halen, Vivian Campbell, Richie Sambora, Elliot Easton, and… Read more »

SKID ROW’s Dave “The Snake” Sabo – Opening the Pressure Valve

Youth Gone Wild, I Remember You, 18 And Life; what powerfully written and performed songs from a debut album that was released 25 years ago this year by Skid Row.  David “The Snake” Sabo and Rachel Bolan met 28 years ago as mere young men at the age of 20 and 21.  This multi-platinum American… Read more »