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OUTLAWS & MOONSHINE – Devil in the Moonshine

In 2015, Outlaws & Moonshine released the EP 1919, which earned the band positive reviews (Screamer was among those giving the EP a thumbs-up). Now, the band has recorded five new songs, which they’ve combined with the original five on 1919, and the resulting collection is the LP Devil in the Moonshine. With songs titled… Read more »

Outlaws & Moonshine Announce Redneck Revolution Tour 2016

Indiana southern rock band OUTLAWS & MOONSHINE announced the first dates of their Redneck Revolution Tour 2016. The band will be heading out with WAYLAND starting on May 9th in Dubuque, IA with additional dates being confirmed. OUTLAWS & MOONSHINE wrapped up their writing sessions and started pre-production for their next release due out later… Read more »

OUTLAWS & MOONSHINE – Keeping It Simple

There’s a new Southern rock sheriff and his deputies in town, and they hail from a region with a long, proud history of being a hotbed of rebel rock:  Indianapolis, Indiana. Yup, you read that correctly. Not Alabama or Georgia or Mississippi. Indiana, which is most definitely north of the Mason-Dixon line. “We’re from what… Read more »


Outlaws & Moonshine has got all the Southern rock bases covered. The name? Check! Logo? Grinning skull with cowboy hat and six-shooters…check! Song titles? How about Whiskey and Redneck Me. Definite check on that one. Based on the above, it would be easy to dismiss Outlaws & Moonshine as yet another formulaic Southern-influenced band mining… Read more »


‘Southern Rock’ newcomer Outlaws & Moonshine are set to release their debut E.P. 1919 October 16, 2015 on HighVolMusic. 1919 features five full tracks of hooks, lines and memorable melodies as penned and sung by front-man Beau Van. Below is a 3-minute montage of those songs. As previously announced, the 1919 track listing is as… Read more »

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