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STEEL PANTHER – All You Can Eat and Then Some

Born on the streets of Los Angeles where Sunset and Vine meet and crack is plentiful, [or so I’ve been told by Michael Starr], Steel Panther sounds more like a bottle of 100 proof whiskey than a rock n’ roll band, but herein lies the irony, Steel Panther is 100 proof and will get you… Read more »

Steel Panther At Hustler Hollywood Photo Gallery Part 2

Steel Panther At Hustler Hollywood Photo Gallery 1

Steel Panther Invades Hollywood’s Tastiest Porn Shop To Give You ‘All You Can Eat’

On Thursday, April 3rd, Hustler Hollywood, the premier destination for all things that make a body feel good, opened its Sunset Strip doors to just 100 “invite only” die-hard fanatics that patiently lined the boulevard. A host of news reporters with cameras in tow and eager magazine writers gathered; looking to celebrate the long awaited… Read more »


Glam metal humorists Steel Panther will release their third album, All You Can Eat, to the United States market on April 1 via Open E Records. The CD was produced by Jay Ruston who’s worked with the likes of Anthrax and Adrenaline Mob. Steel Panther’s previous two albums were Feel The Steel, released in 2009… Read more »

Steel Panther – British Invasion DVD

What is the best thing about a Steel Panther show? For some it’s the wild stage antics and gyrations of the band, for some it’s the comic schtick, while for others it’s all the boobies! As for me, my favorite part of a Steel Panther show is watching the faces of those who are experiencing… Read more »

Going Down (under) with Steel Panther

Steel Panther is undoubtedly the funnest and funniest band in rock n’ roll and I mean that in a good way.  Their live performances are a riotous mixture of music, schtick and burlesque and would be equally at home on the stage at the Comedy Store, The Seventh Veil or the L.A. Forum, where they… Read more »

BALLS OUT! Would They Have It Any Other Way? Steel Panther’s Michael Starr

What can be said about Steel Panther that hasn’t already been said?  They’re crude, crass, vulgar, explicit, exploitive, offensive, misogynistic… in other words everything a real rock n’ roll band should be!  With their sophomore album, Balls Out debuting at number one on Billboard’s comedy chart, number 40 on Billboard’s Top 200 and Top 40… Read more »